Yoga is the fabric of life; every breath we take, every move we make, every thought we feel, is an interwoven part of the magic of yoga*. Our love and embracing of the practice allows an opening to the natural flow of life and the harmony of settling in our true nature. Akasha yoga is founded in the very love of and surrender to yoga.

In the cosmic order there are 5 base elements or Bhutas, these are the basic building blocks (or expression) of our world.  We begin our journey with the solidness and grounding of the earth (Prthivi), using this to become stable. Using this energy to rebound out of the earth, we begin our first experience of lightness and awareness.

From this stability, water (Apa) finds expression; the soft fluidity of movement that allows for length and internal receptiveness or connected awareness.  

Fire (Tejas) is the transformational element and can be found in the action of tapas, the discipline and methods of yoga. Creating purification of the body and mind which allows the free flow of prana (energy/chi) the gross form is found in the breath. Air (Vayu) is the free flow of prana (both physical and mental) stabilizing; opening it creates natural harmony allowing the life force to expand.


 With the balance of the first four elements, Akasha (space or ether) is freed from its binds. The fifth and most refined element is Akasha, it allows the other elements to take form and exist but it in itself is pure, never tainted or sullied.

Akasha is found in the space created in the body through Asana. Within the movement and structure of our asana practice we create space within our body, allowing energy to flow freely. This allows stillness and awareness to grow. Stillness leads us to silence not only of the body but the mind. In this environment, clarity and harmony begins to form and true self awareness grows. Pranayama creates space in the Nadis, Kumbhaka space within the structure of time. Meditation brings us the gift of space between the thoughts and sensations. The inherent nature of Akasha is stillness and silence, leading us into deep understanding, as the mind and senses come finally to rest and our true nature is revealed.

Akasha is a Yoga Shala (school) that offers more than just asana (posture). Our vision is to create an environment to allow our students to touch the silence and stillness of the fifth element, allowing the discovery of the self.

Welcome to Akasha Yoga.


*My thanks to fellow Yogi Sting for the song lyrics